Play. An integral role.


This is not a dress rehearsal; when you do your work on your job, or at home or both, play an integral role and have fun. You are in the top percentage who do not try to coast along. There are leaders and colleagues with whom we work who need our courage and prayers; sometimes… Continue reading Play. An integral role.

A Reader who glows like an orange with God’s love

I talk to certain strangers sometimes when out and about.  This trait is partially how I met Danielle, a Reader who glows with God’s love.  We live far apart in a congested area of the greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey region.  Gratitude fills these keystrokes to share with you a story of God touching… Continue reading A Reader who glows like an orange with God’s love

Steer feelings toward peace

I like to teach people how to control their emotions.  That is valuable, right?  Once we decide to control how a circumstance resonates and causes us to act toward improvement, then the results can fall into place. Recently a temporary assignment of 2 months duration had a sudden change.  The client sent text messages only.… Continue reading Steer feelings toward peace