Baked goods too good

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Stop by Cramer’s Bakery in Yardley Borough, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; order ahead online recommended. You deserve a treat that will be the highlight of your week! Take care of yourself and loved ones’ cravings.

Perseverance, rain and caffeine

These three ingredients mix in this February morning unfolding into reality. The recipe will get you to your appointment on time by 9:55 am, in the rain and perfectly caffeinated. 2 cups of belief in yourself and your God {higher power, you name him or her} 1 Tablespoon pure sweetener of your choice 1 cup… Continue reading Perseverance, rain and caffeine

Bakery beckons with cheerful goodies

When home-baked goodies are in the house then it is a good day!  Find a hobby you love and feel the present moment in real-time.  For me one pastime is baking.  In my vintage recipe box of index card sized, hand written notes is a favorite Wedsworth family recipe.  Our Dad’s Mom, Isabel Jacobs Wedsworth’s… Continue reading Bakery beckons with cheerful goodies