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If I can teach people how to control their emotions, is that valuable or not?


Some of us know how it felt to endure a chapter in our lives that suddenly or subtly unfolded in the form of a shattered dream.  After crying a river of tears sometimes the new day brings realization that today is the day she must push through what is left of the shattered dream, find her new voice to turn sorrow into song with the glimmer of returning cheerfulness wrapping around in glowing, warm comfort.

A fresh start, none too soon, vulnerability and not much predictability to find new solutions and soon she hears herself laugh out loud more often.  Cheerfulness can mean listening to someone for as long as is necessary to see her point of view since she most recently rebounded from a setback.  Cheerfulness can see victory in what once looked like defeat.

It is good to meet you here.  To inquire about motivational speaking appearances, simply complete the form on Contact page.  Rates are negotiable.  The brilliance of cheerfulness is within our grasp if we simply stop for a moment.  No stranger to sorrow at certain crossroads, I bring consistent resilience, inner strength, a no-excuses, no-self-pity mindset and welcome you here to process rough patches or long-term trials as champions with a smile and a heaping of hope.  ~ Jane Wedsworth Klafter.

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