Heroes happen

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Internal truth has much more value than external looks based on youth-oriented values. Those values potentially shame everyday people as we age naturally. Internal truth sees folks as humans, not as a race or ethnicity.

All the while the United States is unified and held up by the working class every day;

Voting rights in the United States are threatened; we cannot take even this most basic right for granted. Our nation’s founders intended us to carry on with their project fairly. Who will fight this battle for voting rights and other issues here?

Who are the twenty-first century American heroes?

We must value each law abiding person for each one is a potential leader or a person of worth; we need to honor teachers of children and youth and post-secondary school professors, too.

Heroes are members in our schools and government and industries who each live respectably without scandals of any sort.

We need to focus on who has value and why; as a citizen of the United States I am so glad to know that we can mend fences and work together as examples to our children and grand children.

Victims inspired many of us when they spoke out about wrongs in the #metoo movement; today a governor of another state here in the United States resigned because many women in his offices stated #metoo. You know who he is; I do not want to mention his name here.

He quit because of public outcry and his own colleagues outcry; this guy could not fathom how wrongfully he treated women with whom he worked. In the process he brought disgrace to his family legacy and historical career in government. How sad. Not uncommon either in that he apparently thought women were still objects for men’s pleasure anywhere, anytime the men please.

Fortunately, we as a nation quit tolerating harassment of a sexual nature by powerful men in high levels of society. Our #metoo brave leaders inspired victims of sexual harassment all around the world to fight and in some cases, file criminal charges in the courts.

For every victim of all kinds of abuse who has gathered enough strength to move away from his or her abuser and often report the deeds to stop the abuse, we pray for complete healing always and a tribute to each abuse victim is intended here.

When we ponder the heroic qualities including resilience and courage of an abuse victim who spoke out we see an inspirational hero; often this victim reported to investigators such a sensitive and difficult experience.

Someone once mentioned as he and I conversed the other day how widespread abuse of women in the workplace was during the twentieth century here in the United States. No one ever talked about how powerful men in society’s labor force and branches of government used that power to make women in jobs suffer on many levels. He is in his eighties and retired and glad that women have more rights and are usually safe to report sexual harassment openly now.

We need to appreciate the risks and courage of victim’s reports of abuse in the workplaces when those victims could have kept it a secret. That is a selfless, heroic act to report abuse to stop future heinous acts and deter future abusers hopefully.

Whenever we need to find the heroes among us there are many. We thank God for each one of you, and of course our heroes include our Essential Workers throughout this novel coronavirus pandemic in the health care fields and other fields to defeat Covid. Thank you, heroes; you are appreciated!

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