Polenta. Pennsylvania. Patriots.

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Dear Reader, good to be with you! Am excited to spend this Fourth of July holiday here in the United States and soak in living history reenacted with vendors and personnel on the riverbank of the lovely and historic and powerful Delaware River. Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania neighbors and many donors and community organizers preserved this historic site. Plunge into the courageous story of General George Washington crossing the Delaware river on December 25, 1776 on the park website, https://www.washingtoncrossingpark.org/

Today with smartphones in hand that the Bucks County Eighteenth Century settlers could have never imagined, our e-tickets ordered online in advance will open the veil for us to step back in time. There is still a variant of Covid-19 that concerns segments of our communities so the park leadership only offered on their website a limited number of guests today.

A main activity of this Main Jane happens around fabulous food for our household. Along with nourishment for our souls, our meal the other night of polenta and kalamata olives and Greek “manturi” sheep milk cheese, not feta, satisfied. Drizzled olive oil and herbs and sea salt topped this and into the hot oven the dish stayed for about twenty minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Almost all savory dishes are served in our house with fresh cracked, black pepper; folks add their own spices generously. Some cooks say it is too hot in summer to turn on the oven? The results are inspired and insightful so I say, in my kitchen the oven as a tool is all-year round! Hint: leave your dish in the oven at the end and leave the oven door open to fill your space with aroma for the home-sweet-home feeling of love; remember to delegate to folks to help set the table and do the after work!

Hint: corn polenta prepared and tubed sells for less than three dollars US in our Italian market; simply slice into half inch rounds, an appetizing shape in perfect circles! Polenta is mush but not always corn-based; it can be semolina, farina or even chestnut-based! Enjoy!


To Be Continued about our Fourth of July weekend memorable foods and noteworthy events!

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