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If and when you ever find yourself near Bucks County, Pennsylvania and have a few moments to stop by a family owned bakery, do so. Cramer’s Bakery located in Yardley Borough for generations are experts outstanding in their field especially pastries. Their flavor profiles of family secret recipes are among the best ever tasted!

Last week I ordered online; fresh corn muffins, seeded rye bread and poppy seed rolls. Every item enjoyed felt like a special gift to my day!

Their web site is This is not a paid ad.

The Cramer Bakers offer luscious muffins in two sizes, huge and cupcake size. We savored ours cupcake size for portion control. Formerly my home was one block from Cramer’s, then I moved about twenty minutes drive away. Their premium baked goods are still top of mind so I do not hesitate to drive there.

Established in 1946 and still thriving, Cramer’s Bakery found new solutions during the pandemic of Covid-19 with an updated web site for online orders. I usually order online at least one day ahead; of course, if there is a holiday or birthday approaching then several days in advance helps.

One time I ordered a custom birthday cake to suit the choice of a loved one. Cramer Bakers’ result absolutely and creatively met this order wonderfully; an orange flavored cake sponge decorated on it’s orange frosting suited this discriminating loved one’s palette!

Please, support local merchants wherever you call home. They depend on us!

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