Trust, tangible treats and tea

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“Just trust me.”

A post to share courage and perhaps inspire hope to readers. To say, “Just trust me.”

I learned from experience that statement can quiet someone who contradicts or somehow resists a point you have to express. Follow it with gravitas and examples why the other should trust, to reply “Just trust me” will rest most objections or questions.

As children we hopefully had years of trust in our parents or caregivers. I sure did. What a fun time I had as a child, like a tiny seed planted in the soil of my Midwestern family in the United States, at first. Then we moved, twice within the Northeastern US. All doable as a child or teen, much trust for my parents? Yes.

The first time someone told me, “Just trust me” was when I learned to bake a cake from a recipe handed down for many generations through my mother. It called for sour milk; I know, right? I was around ten years old and already a strong person so I questioned that ingredient.

“Just trust me”, my mother emphasized. It totally worked and I did.

How do you treat yourself with nourishment?

I love to hydrate with various options of water, for example. We need variety to treat ourselves well. Another treat I like is milk chocolate.

Like many of you, I respect and cherish loved ones and our terrific times. Ours is a family allover the United States; we often meet on video calls over the internet, especially during this pandemic.

For years in my own mental health journey even prior to the pandemic of coronavirus, COVID-19, I learned to draw near to God and rely on myself to learn each lesson well that life threw my way. We need trust within to grow.

As children we are dependent on others; as adults we learn from experiences. If we feel overwhelmed we can speak up. This post is for you if you are in that place of overwhelm.

My favorite non-profit community advocates for mental health action through peer support. works and helps us remove stigmas to mental health and diagnoses around it. I recently took their online course to become an Ally with other like-minded community members. Today I joined a live event online with many highlights to feel connected. is not crisis intervention for mental health. If you or someone you know is in a mental health crisis, please save this telephone number to the US Suicide Prevention Hotline. 800.273.8255 Share it with someone in need. Spread the word.

Questions help us grow because no one has all of the answers. For example.

Do you trust me enough?

Do I trust myself enough right now?

Would you like a cup of tea or coffee with perhaps a cookie or some trail mix?

When surprise happenings throw us off, we can breathe and trust ourselves and find #peace!

Did you enjoy trust in your family as a young child?

For friends with histories of adoptions, did you learn to adjust and how?

What country and region did you spend child from birth through age eighteen years?

Do you have a memory of a parent or caregiver who stated to you, “Just trust me”?

Please answer one of the above questions in a comment here or in your journal today.

Thanks for your attention! ~*~The brilliance of cheerfulness is within our grasp; together we will process rough patches or long-term trials as champions with a smile and a heaping splash of hope.  ~ Jane Wedsworth Klafter.

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