The present time

Welcome! In the comment section below, ask me about inner courage or about being a home cook who shares meals or about my original illustrations and posters. Within reason, ask me anything.

At the present time do you like to learn many things at once or take one new topic at a time?

I embrace two main topics each week to grow in my research; how do you like this new theme on this site?

I learned through a YouTuber how fun it is to create video projects on my laptop computer with Windows 10, Video Editor.

Some of us know how it felt to endure a chapter in our lives that suddenly or subtly unfolded in the form of a shattered dream. Hope says to turn sorrow into song with the glimmer of returning cheerfulness wrapping around in glowing, warm comfort.

This featured image is an original illustration I created in my home studio in 2020; ask me about it and ask if you would like a private Skype call for an art lesson and share a conversation! Until next time, take good care!

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