Brilliant sun and you brighten my day

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Hello again. What a lovely day with temperatures no higher than sixty-five degrees, Fahrenheit. This weather is a treat, like the oatmeal raisin cookies we enjoy from a local bakery!

My purpose is to buttress you with courage for the road ahead. Lunch today started with chips and salsa with a healthy green salad, tuna salad and crispy onion pieces for crunch.

Lately I increased my attention on certain social platforms online and enjoy new connections. My artwork is alive again since I am an “empty nester” with grown children who live far distances; I read long books for pleasure and continue this written work together with you, Dear Reader.

The expansion of new trends in social commerce that experts say will be the wave of the future is of interest in my research.

As a paralegal my degree program for my Bachelor of Science in Government with a legal studies emphasis involved how our government and the courts function in the United States. I like to read memoirs of many authors, and will dive into works that describe careers in government and our institutions which we as American taxpayers buttress with our labor.

As a grand parent I feel for our youngest children of our country who will inherit the United States with all of it’s blessings and challenges. Often when I read a memoir about history and fairly recent current events, the understanding I glean helps supplement news sources.

The United States is not perfect, especially in regards to wage gaps and restrictions for equality; like my parents who are no longer with us, I support equal rights for all! To keep my focus here though, the purpose of this post is to offer support to choose resilience, feel strong and cheery in life’s transitions.

Please, let us know in the comments below what you are reading to become more brilliant? What hobbies do you most enjoy in your spare time?

Do you have a good friend or relative with whom spending time is a healthy choice? If so, why?

Please, let us all become fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to ease the pandemic as soon as possible.

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