Peace of mind and FROG jam on toast

Hectic and abruptly her life changing event impacted her emotions like gigantic ocean waves. The undertow did not catch her resilience, loved ones in her circle offset the abruptness. Still at low moments the loss smacked her up and down like a bodyboard skims the surf while a surfer journeys to shore.

Rationally she had every right to be angry and fearful; it sure felt like the employer had done a job on her. Fortunately, the shock wore off; her routine kept her mindful and intentional, to reach across the bridge to search again for stable and viable sources of income.

In Greater Philadelphia, USA much of the farmers’ markets feature vintage Pennsylvania Dutch goodies. A new item in the kitchen insisted on her morning toast receiving a spread of FROG Jam; surprisingly deep in it’s flavor profile the taste lingered while she pondered. F R O G is an acronym; fig raspberry orange and ginger. FROG jam for the win!

Like a youthful optimist she allowed her visual art plans to unfold. Unfold the images did, with majorly cathartic strokes of graphite and crayon and permanent markers. Mixed media reflected her mixed moods.

Doing visual art in her second floor home studio protected her in that abrupt and treacherous storm cell of job changes. Each time she began the next illustration waves of exuberance filled her. Her extra time weekdays gave her a much needed natural newness, like the budding crab apple tree outside her studio window. The tree’s tall trunk juxtaposed against delicate buds, almond shaped and so rosy pink cheered her.

Volunteer work in the past lit a fire within, to give back to her community; in the present she chose a direction to search for a nonprofit with whom to volunteer. That would pair well with and build a space for new research. A nonprofit organization with a purpose with which she could agree was her goal. How to cope in the here and now mirrored ways she lived when younger.

The volunteer mission would have to ripple like waves to support community members of a certain sector. She yearned above all to find a nonprofit in Behavioral Health to destigmatize mental wellness and those who live with conditions that in society are labeled shamefully.

I Have #NoStigmas fulfilled her search. NoStigmas also provides suicide prevention support. It is not about crisis intervention. Peer Support training online is free. The resources she earned in the training course just felt right, too.

NoStigmas launches a movement in society through leaders and volunteers as peers to help educate through their web site and blog that someone with a diagnosis of mental conditions is equal to everyone else in the communities.

Becoming an ally for mental wellness felt right. While she allowed time to soak in the sadness and anger of her abrupt job loss, she paired it excitedly with a voyage across the waves of her artistic side!

To be continued.

By cheerfulnesssite

Born in the USA 🇺🇸 Visual artist, Illustrator, Painter, Writer, Courage trainer, Home Cook. Online blog since 2016 on cheerfulnesssite on resilience. Reader. Bassist.