Dumplings and compassion and being fully vaccinated

This past week I received the second of two vaccinations to resist COVID-19

Mild to moderate side effects only slowed my life down a bit in subsequent days

Gave me a good excuse to rest and read a lot and relax

Friday night we ordered in from our favorite Chinese restaurant

Steamed veggie dumplings 🥟 on my mind all afternoon materialized

Still warm the food refreshed with flavor and exceeded our expectations

In the years before this pandemic a brief encounter in person could nourish a soul in distress or transition

This week I recall an acquaintance years ago whom I saw out and about

I felt her concern and support in her question how was I

In a volatile adult transition of mine which she beheld, Lady M through her voice and eye gaze warmed me and shone light and love with Holy Spirit, the full rays of God’s Risen Son, our Lord Jesus Christ

Kindness in this COVID-19 pandemic is not cancelled

Please we must strongly pass on to one another kindness often

This coming week is Holy Week for we Christians and Sunday will be food at our home again 2021 such is life

Be kind and stay well 🕯

Whatever your faith is, please pray for a resolution to this global pandemic as will I do so.

For everyone who masks up and physically distances and avoids groups, keep on!

Please vaccinations will help us reach the minimum seventy five percent medical level of the world to achieve widespread or herd immunity!

Whatever your faith, please meet the requirements for us in the USA of the CDC to help us all get through this pandemic

We as families must be free to gather and fly to reunions and hug away from the screens of electronic devices

Having said that there is much gratitude in myself for video call technology with which I watch grand children grow

May all of the faithful departed Rest In Peace and power 💙

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