If this can help someone learn to solve a puzzle piece of life, then I will be jubilant.  The main ingredient today in our recipe for a homemade batch of cheerfulness is patience.  Gratitude requires patience.  If an individual has fortitude then patience is at the center when faced with stormy situations.  Inevitably, the main issue is how we respond when disappointed or worse.

As a young adult life puzzled me in many ways.  I would hold my breath if tense.  I knew it had to stop but I felt unable to control that tense reaction of breaths.  Fortunately, I learned to catch myself at the beginning stage of a tense reaction and breathe.  Breathing well is related to patience as we bear our burdens but remain resilient.

For example, we had a horrendous week of headline news here in the United States and abroad.  I felt almost as sick and bereft due to news stories this week as the week of 9/11/2001 when our United States withstood with courage profound tragedies and attacks.

On one hand I wanted to read the news.  On the other hand I needed to stop, take a break, just breathe and review how this approach worked for me.  This week I chose to stop reading certain slanted sources of news online, for example, and replaced those with the most objective sources of news to ease the moment.

I consider it good fortune to have a car and a driver’s license.  I park my car outside in a scenic area that has no garage.  In Pennsylvania some winters are like a long nightmare with multiple blizzards.  Whether we are ready or not, a little patience goes a long way to tolerate extremes in weather and in seasons of life.

2016 1 24 winter storm jonas

Nothing reflects my patience level like a blizzard with snow measured in feet, not inches.  When faced with severe weather we can grow to a new place.  That new place knows that to push through, we need to compartmentalize.  The drifts of snow painted across the property with wide brush strokes of all shades of blue-gray shadows to brilliant tints of glittering sunshine all reflect simple truths.  We agree with the situation to not resist, but rather feel that patience muscle strengthen.

Would you like a tip about how to realize your own patience level?  If you drive, I suggest that you actually stop at all stop signs while driving.  A reliable source once told me to stop long enough for your vehicle’s weight to shift back.  Then go.  That is the visual that law enforcement will go by if observing a motorist.  Instead of seeing the stop sign as an annoyance, hold it in your mind as a golden opportunity to develop better patience in general.

Being a parent of two children certainly tested my patience.  Now that I do not live locally to either of them, including a grand child, there is ample time to myself.  Then there are the reunions to enjoy with that special ingredient of not being together often typically.

There is an added excitement in the air at reunions because of the wait time.  Anticipation of reunions while wearing my favorite T-shirt gift from my children, while I mark my calendar for the next reunion, I feel peace.  Resilience means that I patiently know it is okay to be apart, even hundreds of miles apart.

This is not to brag; you know my intentions by now.  We validate one another here in this venue.  One’s ability not to complain in the bearing of hardship is at the heart of patience.  This trait has always been a value of mine.  I exercise the trait not to complain much, if at all.  Our closest friends and family will tolerate the occasional rant to vent intense emotions.  To achieve resilience adroitly we must cultivate the habit of patience.

I plan projects and search for work toward gainful employment.  A related skill is to patiently listen as well-meaning people advise me to only look for traditional, steady jobs instead of working from home or independently.  The key is to patiently realize he or she is well-meaning behind the statement that all work must be steady to be worthwhile.

Some outcomes take a lot longer to materialize from the planning stage.  The sooner I accept that truth, the stronger I will be as a patient, consistently resilient gal.

What tested your patience in this past week?  Let me know in a private email, comment and please like and share if this continues to make your day in even a small way.  Make it a great day!

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