Every now and again the mentors in my past resurface.  It is good for us to have as many mentors as possible.  This past week the passing of one such mentor from about twenty-five years ago prompted such a resurface.  I learned of Dr. Gunn-Russell’s sudden passing  through social media.

Before the internet we met in person and spent time face to face.  He validated my efforts in my young adulthood.  I grew to become the resilient and adroit and courageous author of this blog today from knowing Dr. Gunn-Russell.

This week all of us whom this person impacted professionally must take time to reflect on such a gift from God in our lives.  He listened and spoke with eloquence like a masterpiece of concerned and wise relationship development.  I celebrate his life in this post for he and his wife’s hospitality and sharing during a tumultuous chapter in my young adulthood.

Unfortunately, I will be too far away to attend the memorial service of Dr. Gunn-Russell tomorrow.  The alignment of sympathy I feel with those who will join the family and friends at this service is palpable.  Remarkable that I learned so much more about him through the group available on Facebook begun by a grand son in Dr. Gunn-Russell’s memory.

I learned through the group online that Dr. Gunn-Russell loved to study clouds, as do I.  Reference the featured image of this post I photographed.  A great purpose of social media to me that is super-helpful is this particular Facebook group in memorial.  If we wish, it can give us the ability to celebrate and grieve simultaneously this week the life of our mentor in Christ.

I firmly believe that Dr. Gunn-Russell and his wife, Helen are still with us through the Holy Spirit of God, our Lord.   I can sense that through their ongoing prayer support for us from their place in the eternal realm of God’s presence we do not have to feel a complete loss.  Gratitude that I found the resilience to reach out to them in my young adulthood.  The Gunn-Russells touched me and I learned lessons and  grew much more close to our Lord.