art-local-2016-10-21-sky-1-oct-in-bucksHave you ever recalled a situation from your past and winced?  Once when I was a young gal a situation that I had thought I had under control in a work setting started to go a bit bad.  Due to my inexperience, my demeanor in the bad situation became a bit too breezy and nonchalant.  The supervisor stated that she could not afford to have my attitude be so glib.  Glibness was a no-no to the win-win.

I learned that lesson well!  There is a place for nonchalance and informality at work.  There is a need to adroitly respond in seconds sincerely and appropriately in work situations so that there is no hint of glibness.  This applies to interactions as parents raise families and as friends develop meaningful friendships.  The stakes can be too high to not respond carefully.

Sincerity can be the difference between a lesson missed or a lesson learned well.  In our culture in the United States we are bombarded with marketing that values youth.  I would not trade the life experience and wisdom gleaned from those experiences for being young again; maturity is major.  The recipe for success does not hinge upon any age.  Just trust me on this one.