I watch cooking contests online.  Often there is a clip of a contestant who has lost.  Note the variety of responses in that moment as they walk off the set and say in a brief interview how they view their loss.  The responses range from totally conceited to totally grateful for the opportunity to compete in the first place in that venue.

I currently feel a heaviness of disappointment in my typically cheerful heart.  Fortitude certainly is a stable frame of reference.  The details cannot be shared.  What I will tell you is that I can feel my lessons learned.  They tell me not to waste energy on blaming another involved in this circumstance.

Rather my lessons learned tell me to write to you about this knowledge.  Adjust and forgive.  My inner coach’s voice is so familiar and full of fortunate fortitude.

Feel the sadness.  Do not stuff it inside.  Let it out and ventilate that emotion.  Write.  Bake.  Go to work.  Return to the rituals of home.  Sometimes we need more time to allow the sadness to ease out of the pores of our souls through the rituals we love in our routines.  Be grateful when you need to shower and style your look to go out.  It is not an inconvenience.  Self care is the road to progress toward goals.

Feel the quietness before relating again to that someone involved in the sad outcome.  Enjoy the serene stability of when that inner sense of tension, that headache or that sense of overwhelm lifts.  When we are ready to talk about how we view our loss, then we will know.

How do you adjust to disappointments?  I feel gratitude for every time that I rally.  Adjust with adroitness.  Forgive.  Show your skill to adroitly adjust to life’s disappointments.  Maintain a cheerful manner inwardly.  Others will benefit as you exemplify such skills.

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