We drink water often throughout the day as each second ticks on the internal clocks of our beings.   We drink other beverages which also have the effect of hydration for our bodies as the sparkle of moisture that catches a glint, a ray of sunshine.  What a simple habit yet, with each water molecule, it resonates with consistent resilience to the basis of each moment.

How do we hydrate our souls?

  1.  Find a great leader in mental wellness who perhaps thinks in a similar manner as you do or is more educated in the things of the heart and mind; if she has a blog, follow her work.
  2. Make sure to always create your personal appearance with style that is uniquely you, without compromise, to give fortitude to your presence.
  3. Realize that today is a gift and tomorrow may never come, as we take another sip of water in a toast, to flexibility and grace in maturity.   Let this sip of water infiltrate your mind as it does your body. Re-hydrate as needed so as not to miss any of the layers of texture in reflection.20170421_072829