What a difficult week.  Bucks county, Pennsylvania is in mourning because an investigation into 4 missing, young men developed much further today.  Ongoing prayers are requested for the 4 families and all of the friends and loved ones of the 4 young men recently confirmed murdered.

The 4 victims lives are to be honored with our emphasis on them, through our prayers for healing and comfort to begin around this sad story.  We must through ongoing prayers as citizens and neighbors who are in shock help maintain our sense of supportive prayer for the victims and their families.

It made no sense and we cannot change the outcome but there is  hope for those directly involved to have the necessary skills for this serious time.  We lift up in our prayers law enforcement, judicial and legal system professionals involved in this ongoing situation.   There must always be standards of order in our society that are upheld.   We are grateful to hear through online updates from law enforcement of how this system approached a mysterious horror with the result of closure for the families of the victims especially.

We must as a community band together to begin a healing, ripple effect of good in our community to support the parents of the slain, their families and all of their friends.  In quietness join me now for a moment of sad but hopeful honor that some good will come out of the senseless waste of the 4 men’s lives, snuffed out too soon.  May they rest in peace.  Amen.