Maturity and gratitude and good listening skills all collided today.  The hours she worked passed smoothly with a sensitivity to others on the job.  Her maturity led her there.  Grateful for her growth is how she rolls.  Cheerfulness is about leaving the past behind except for the memories of especially good experiences.

She habitually breathes more deeply in gratitude for God’s shelter in the storms.  Complexities collide with gifts of being alive.  She knows idle complaints are poisonous to her grateful growth as a cheerful traveler.  No excuses for self-pity.  Being calm is possible a lot of the time. It is when we stop rushing around long enough to notice it that our cheerfulness glimmers in the regained balance.

One study she read said that when adults in transitions followed their dreams, many times it had nothing to do with earning or investing more money.  It requires the best quality ear plugs to stop the blaring messages that living the dream has everything to do with material things.  The most important things in life are not things.  They are our relationships.

Listen to your people in your closest circle.  Validate their feelings.  Listen to life’s lessons as if your well-being depended on that.  Search out quietness.  Notice when events surprise you how perhaps God blocked something that was not going to be the best use of anyone’s time or talent.  Maturity is major.  Accept aging with insight.

If you are reading this, you matter a great deal.  Comments welcomed.  She cares about you more than you know and thanks you for being here.