I will be honest with you.  Lessons learned daily reveal a trait to select relationships only with the warmest of folks.  Validation feeds my soul top shelf nourishment.  The glow of validation is often in the listener who does not interrupt and in the eye contact and facial expressions.photo-japanese-maple-trunk-woven-autumn-2016-11-24-peddlers-v

Validate someone today.   If you are a parent of a minor child, definitely validate him.  Shine a spotlight of twinkling love on the recipient’s worthiness.  Validation instills good cheer to experience good health.  Interestingly, the word validate derives from the Latin, “validus”, which means “in good health.”  {Citation link below}

Today I experienced a reunion at work with 2 people who share consistent resilience and the gifts of being alive.  I have known these warm beings now for about fifteen months but we see one another occasionally not regularly as before.  Today after I left their company I treasured the whole exchange, greatly valued by one another.  We catch up with ease on events since we last met.

Nurturing hint:  be selective about your choices when you control with whom you spend your day.  Guard with precision yourself from phony behaviors when you hear statements perhaps directed at you and you hear your intuition observe,

“Oh my.  That had a hollow ring!”

Avoid stressful people.  Also guard yourself from others when you cannot make any sense out of their behaviors because they do not have legitimate commonality or any desire to connect in any way that validates another traveler on her journey.  Seek the unselfish ones whenever possible, the givers, and avoid the takers.  My wish for you is that your day follows a recipe for stability and excellent stress management; I hope you rally!

Cheery ones interweave, validate and relate deeply to one another especially in serious times.  We give strength to make no excuses, nor allow self-pity as this roller coaster ride spares no bumps.  Peace of mind endures with cheer.  

The splendid holidays in December and this month followed by the birth of my first grand child, a girl, are cause for much cheer!  Baby Girl and her parents are well, thanks be to God.

Observe with me the eighth anniversary of the career transition that hit me during the dreadful recession on 1/23/09.  I see now in marvelous hind sight that day was a new beginning!  It is with joy, not regret, that I live in this moment as my new me.  I thank myself, inwardly, for how I stay cheery even when I work freelance.  I found my new voice to turn sorrow into song with the glimmer of returning cheerfulness wrapping around in glowing, warm comfort.  

As the previous post described, when I gave birth to my children parenthood surprised me to discover the nurturer-by-nature in me, not only of babies but of children-at-heart-throughout the life cycle.  Validate someone and nurture her unique worth.  At times this is not an easy task but the good effects ripple over time into our communities for generations!