Baked goods too good

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Stop by Cramer’s Bakery in Yardley Borough, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; order ahead online recommended. You deserve a treat that will be the highlight of your week! Take care of yourself and loved ones’ cravings.

Trust, tangible treats and tea

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As children we relied on our parents or caregivers. As adults the trust runs within and we must at times indulge in treats and a favorite beverage to deal with life’s uncertainties or surprises. Hopefully trust and reliability are in good supply on either side of your conversations today!

Brilliant sun and you brighten my day

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Hello again. What a lovely day with temperatures no higher than sixty-five degrees, Fahrenheit. This weather is a treat, like the oatmeal raisin cookies we enjoy from a local bakery! My purpose is to buttress you with courage for the road ahead. Lunch today started with chips and salsa with a healthy green salad, tuna… Continue reading Brilliant sun and you brighten my day